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AreaRAE IAQ(VOC CO2 온도 습도 CO H2S SO2 NO NO2 Cl2 HCN NH3 PH3)
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제조사 : RAE Systems

제품명 : AreaRAE IAQ

특 징 : 무선으로 IAQ 측정하는 장비로서 측정항목은 IAQRAE와 같으나 RF 모뎀을 이용하여 무선으로 데이터 전송이 가능
Key Features
• Real-time wireless data transmission with built-in RF transceiver
• View real-time sensor data and alarm status at headquarters or command center
• ProRAE Remote software simultaneously controls and displays readings for up to 32 remote monitors
• License-free, ISM band RF transmission with a communication range of up to 2 miles
• Continuous monitoring of total VOCs 0-500 ppm with 0.01 ppm (10 ppb) resolution with PID sensor
• Continuous monitoring of CO2 at 0-20,000 ppm with 10 ppm resolution
• Continuous measurement of temperature and relative humidity
• Toxic sensor socket accepts CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, or PH3 sensors
• Built in diaphragm pump for sampling
• 24 hours continuous operation with a built-in Li-ion battery
• 24x7 continuous operation when plugged into wall charger
• Interchangeable Li-ion or alkaline battery pack
• Data is easily downloaded with ProRAE Suite software
• Large digital display & keypad

Sources of VOCs • Cleaning and maintenance supplies
• Carpets, fabrics, finishes, furniture, and building materials
• Office equipment (copiers, printers)
• Microbial contamination (mold, fungus, etc.)
• Human occupancy (exhalation and perfume)
• Renovations
• Vocational training shops & art rooms
• Pesticides