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ppbRAE plus(VOC)
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제조사 : RAE Systems

제품명 : ppbRAE plus

특 징 : VOC를ppb level로 측정하며 ug, mg, ppm으로도 표시할 수 있다.
측정단위는 1ppb이다.
Key Features
• New extended range from 1 ppb to 2,000 ppm
• Proven PID technology: The patented dual channel 3D sensor provides a 3-second response time and sets a new standard for resistance to moisture and dirt, while the superbright 10.6eV lamp provides extra sensitivity for low ppb measurements.
• Exclusive zeroing tube assures repeatability at low level measurements with a disposable VOC zeroing tube.
• Self-cleaning lamp and sensor: Our patented self-cleaning lamp and sensor minimize the need for maintenance and calibration.
• The ppbRAE Plus lamp and sensor can be taken apart in seconds for easy maintenance without any tools!
• Measure more chemicals than with any other PID: With over 100 Correction Factors built into the ppbRAE Plus’s memory and the largest printed list of Correction Factors in the world (300+), RAE Systems offers the ability to accurately measure more ionizable chemicals than any other PID. When a gas is selected from the ppbRAE Plus’s library, its alarms points are automatically loaded into the meter.
• User friendly screens make it easy to use for simple applications and flexible enough for sophisticated operations.
• Drop-in battery: When work schedules require putting in more hours than the 10 hours supplied by the standard NiMH battery, the drop-in alkaline pack supplied with every ppbRAE Plus lets you finish the job.
• Stores up to 267 hours of data at one minute intervals for downloading to PC (with the datalogging option).

HazMat/Homeland Security
• Searching for Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs)
• 3-second response enables quick assessment of patients in decontamination lines
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Surveys
• Outgassing of new building materials (carpet and fabrics)
• Searching for mold and mildew by measuring microbial VOCs (mVOCs)
Industrial Hygiene/Safety
• Worker exposure studies for very toxic chemicals
• Perimeter fenceline monitoring
• Low-level leak detection