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제조사 : RAE Systems

제품명 : RadonRAE

특 징 : 실내공기질측정용으로 공정시험법에 부합한 제품으로 연속하여 300시간 사용할 수 있으며, 개인휴대용장비이다.
Mining industry, Waterworks, Nuclear fuel industry, Indoor environment observation 분야에서도 사용이 가능하다.
The IP65 shock-proof , mobile-size aluminium case weights 250 grams. It can be easily worn by using the built-in clip. Beside key pad and the special cap for gas entry into the measurement chamber, a three line LC display completes the functional designed front side. Power supply by a built-in NIMH rechargeable battery ensures a full time use of more than 300 h. The available booster-version enables a stand-alone time up to 1.200 hours. Alarm situations (user-defined) will be signalled by flashlight sound.

The DOSEman records and displays the time distribution of dose and concentration. IrDA infra-red technology provides a comfortable administator desk for setting measurement parameter in dependence on the local ambient conditions. Communications to PC (for instance at the access control desk) are possible in distance up to 1 meter within a time of less than 1 second.

Technical Data
Principals : On-line alphaspectroscopy of sampled Radon gas and focused progeny
Detector : Si-ion implanted, 200 mm² sensitive area
Measurement chamber : volume 12 cm³, with collecting voltage
Sampling : diffusion through a membran, Radon exclusive
Energy range : 3.8 - 8.5 MeV
Energy resolution : 100 keV per channel
Time resolution : every minute an alpha-spectrum is acquired, analysed and (after verification) added to a sum spectrum.
Stored information : ROI count sum for Po-218 and Rn-222 (fast-mode), additionally Po-214 (slow-mode), totalized spectrum, accumulated dose
Memory space : 700 measurement cycles
Efficiency : 0.22 (fast-mode) and 0.38 (slow mode) cts/(min*kBq/m³)
Statistical error : 100%/(T*CRn*0.22 [0.38])1/2, [T]:min; [CRn]: kBq/m³
Range : 10 Bq/m³...4 MBq/m³
Device control & data transfer : cableless, IR interface to PC COM port (115.200 baud); Administrator desk (WINDOWS) for comfortable adjustment of measurement parameter and data transfer
Online control : LCD, 3 rows with 12 characters; soft key pad
Alert functions : Buzzer; LED flash light
Dimensions/weight : 115 x 57 x 32 mm; 250 g
Power supply : NiMH-accu for 300 h stand-by time; booster-Akku for long term measurements with up to 1.200 h stand-by time
Housing : aluminium, IP-64, shock resistant
Ambient conditions : Temperature: -10°C - +50°C; Humidity rH: 0% - 98 % (non condensing)