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제조사 : RAE Systems

제품명 : RadonRAEPro

특 징 : 실내공기질측정용으로 공정시험법에 부합한 제품으로 연속하여 50시간 사용할 수 있으며, Mining industry, Waterworks, Nuclear fuel industry, LLRD analysis 분야에서도 사용이 가능하다.
Based upon the proven technology of state-of-the-art alphaspectroscopy, the device consist of a Si-semiconductor detector head with millipore filter for excellent spectroscopic resolution of sampled aerosols. Filter can be changed easly by swivelling the detector head and a LLRD analysis (Long Living Radioactive Dust) may performed after exposition using SARAD's spectroscopy systems. The shock resistant casing houses an internal pump and NiMH rechargeable batteries for more than 50 hours of stand-alone operation. With dimensions of a small mobile phone and a weight of about 300 g, it is easy to wear during operational work. IrDA infra-red technology provides a comfortable administator desk for setting measurement parameter as well as the transfer of saved spectra and time distribution data to a PC.

Technical Data

Operation : Detection of alpha-particles emitted by short lived Rn-222 and Rn-220 progeny collected on a filter by a fixed air flow rate
Detector : Ion implanted, light shielded silicon detector; 150 mm² sensitive area
Filter : Milipore 0.8µm pore size; diameter active diameter 14mm
Pump rate : 0.14 L/min
Online Control : LCD, 3 rows (each with 12 characters); single button soft key pad
Device control & data transfer : IR interface to PC COM port
Alert function: Buzzer
Dimensions/weight : 138 x 57 x 32 mm; 300 g
Power supply : Internal NiMH battery; rechargeable; more than 50 h operational time
Housing : Aluminium, shock resistent
Temperature : -10°C - +50°C
humidity : 0% - 98% (not condensing)